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Sky Blue Credit Repair Review – Is It the Best Company?

Having been in business for 26 years, Sky Blue has developed a solid reputation for providing quality services at an affordable cost. They are not only proud of providing faster results but they also have excellent customer service. Also, to help you learn more about credit and finances, they provide a few supplemental educational products. By applying these methods and by focusing on its techniques it is believed that you can get the formula for achieving the best possible results in a cost-effective and a timely manner. This is according to sky blue credit repair reviews.

How Should You Use Sky Blue Credit?

Sky Blue Credit Repair ReviewsTo use the company’s services, you must pay a monthly fee of $59. As compared to the industry’s rate, this is very much competitive. However, if you sign up for this service with your partner you can enjoy a below average couple’s discount of 17%. For sky blue credit repair to produce a credit report you must pay a one-off fee of $29.95. Once you have paid this you will not be required to pay any additional fee. Although your program may be shorter or longer depending on your situation, most clients work with the company for an average of 9 months. The moment you start working with them you should expect to start seeing results within 30 days.


How does Sky Blue Credit handle my disputes?

Typically, the disputes are sent out as expected. This is done so as to comply with the notice of cancellation time frame. They will always work hard so that they can help you identify the items on your report that can be rectified for you to get a good report. In fact, their online signing process is very easy although it takes a while to get the results. It also has an attractive feature known as pay as you go that actually sets it apart from its competitors. This means you are allowed to cancel the service anytime without any obligation. They do not have any termination fees or penalties.

In the long run, they offer affordable and dependable services. This has given them a good rating with the better business bureau. Their prices are not only exceptional but are also straightforward and commendable. In sum, if you are looking for a customized process of dispute, it’s one of the best choices. According to Sky Blue reviews you are assured of exceptional support and good services.


· Expert advice- It often studies your credit report and gives you specific steps that you can take to improve your credit score.

· Fast results- Since the company understands the urgency of credit repair it prides itself for having the fastest service in the industry. In fact, it can give clients over 15 disputed items within 35 days.

· Customized approach- Unlike other companies, it does not offer a cookie cutter solution to credit repair. This is because they know that each client has a unique case hence they develop a customized approach that is tailored to your individual situation.

· Guarantees satisfaction- sky blue credit repair offers clients a 90-day guarantee. This means if you are not satisfied within the first 90 days you just tell them why and you will get your refund.

· Professional advantage – it has a team of experts who will analyze every detail of your credit report to identify if there could have been any errors interfering with your report.


· It offers one of the best discounts for couples.

· Quick easy sign-up process.

· Able to cancel the services whenever you feel like.

· Excellent customer support.


· It does not have pay to delete negotiations.

Customer’s Reviews

According to sky blue credit repair reviews left by many customers, most of them were very much impressed by the services that they provide. They claimed that after using this service they were able to increase their scores by over 200 points. Besides, their excellent customer service was evident among the sky blue reviews that were analyzed.

Final thoughts

If you are looking for the most experienced company in credit repair then this is the company to choose. It has excellent features, customer service, and support. It is one of the most experienced companies to help repair your credit. In fact, it works to restore your credit within 9 months.